The RandomChatuk Network
RandomChatuk is a network dedicated to bringing stable servers, services and a stable irc environment to its users. We are a relatively small network,

Why join a small network like RandomChatuk?
Since our network is small, we can provide more attention and protection to you and your channel. If any problems were to arise, upon your request, we will deal with it swiftly.

Apart from the above, our staff consists of skilled IRCops, that have been working with IRC for many years. You’ll always find someone ready to help aid you with any problems in our main channel, #Help
Our staff are friendly and co-operative will not bother you or your channel (such as OP’ing ourselves or kicking users from your channel) and we will stay away from your channel if you want us to, unless of course our attention is needed there for the safety of the network.

Sounds good. How do I get there?
Simply type “/server” in your IRC client or select “RandomChatuk: random server” from your mIRC options and hit “Connect”.

We, at the RandomChatuk Network, look forward to seeing you there!

-The RandomChatuk Staff

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