1. No Homophobia

Homeophobia is not acceptable anywhere on this site

2. No Racism

Racism is not acceptable anywhere on this site

3. No Bullying Of Users Religious

everyone has the right to come and join and have fun no matter what there Religion is

4. No Abuse

Please do not Abuse members or the staff if you have a problem then please report them

5. No Spamming

We do not allow spamming 

7. No Op Begging

if you would like to become an op please join the Channel #Help to start with so a member of Staff can see how good you are

8. Disputes

RandomChatUk Staff will not become involved with disputes between chatters, Please use the Block function provided, however should a dispute become inflamed or cause disruption within one of our rooms a staff member may take action to draw it to a close. Also If You Have Been Banned From a Channel please have a Chat with the Room Owner or The Operator That Banned you Staff will not get involved unless needed.

What you can expect from RandomChatUk staff: