Welcome to the Random Chat UK IRC network! This Quick Start Guide will guide you through the very basics of connecting to IRC, registering your NickServ account, and setting up your first channel.

Connecting to IRC

You may use a standalone IRC client. An IRC client is a program that allows you to connect to an IRC network. The following is a list of suggested IRC clients you may use:

Instructions on how to connect to IRC vary by client; please consult the relevant documentation for your client if you need help with connecting.

To connect to Random Chat Uk, point your IRC client to the following address: irc.randomchatuk.uk This will automatically forward you to the most appropriate server based on network load and your location.

Joining channels

/join #Channel

Like every other instant messaging client out there, you can send messages simply by typing into the text box and then pressing Enter.

Registering your nickname

Random Chat UK uses a service called NickServ to enforce nickname registrations. To get a list of commands you can use, type: /msg NickServ help
NickServ will then respond shortly with a list of commands.

To register your current nickname, type the following:
/msg NickServ register password email address
For example:
/msg NickServ register x4spgd02b6i john@example.com

Please use a strong password and a valid email address when registering for an account. If the nickname you want to register is already in use, please /nick to another name (e.g. /nick Johnny_Doe) before trying again.

The next time you connect to the network, NickServ will ask you to identify to your nickname when you use it.
To do this, type:
/msg NickServ identify password
For example:
/msg NickServ identify x4spgd02b6i

Never give your password to anyone, for any reason. Network staff will never ask you for your password.

Registering a channel

Random Chat Uk uses a service called ChanServ to enforce channel registrations. To register a channel, you must first register for a NickServ account.
Once that is done, simply type the following:
/join #ChannelName
Replace ChannelName with the name of the channel you want to create. For example:
/join #Food

If the channel has not already been registered or if there is nobody in it, you should be the only one in that channel and have chanop on the channel (denoted with an @ symbol next to your name). If the channel is already in use or is already registered, either there will be other people in the channel, or ChanServ will join and prevent you from getting chanop, in which case you may not register the channel at this time.

To register a channel, type in the following command:
/msg ChanServ register #ChannelName
Replace ChannelName with the name of the channel you want to register.

For a full list of commands you can use on ChanServ, type the following:
/msg ChanServ help

Need help?

Join us in the #help channel and we will be happy to assist you with any questions or issues you may have